Friday, March 09, 2007

China Itinerary
Sun. 3/11 US to China
Mon. 3/12 Arrive in Hong Kong-Stay over Night
Tues. 3/13 Leave Hong Kong/ Arrive NanChang, Jiangxi Province
"Gotcha Day!"-Get Siena-Hurray!!!Finally!!!
Wed. 3/14 Adoption Process.
Legal Adoption Day (Our Anniversary)
Thur. 3/15 Leisure Time & Bonding with Baby
Fri. 3/16 Bonding/Leisure/Sightseeing/ Shopping
Sat. 3/17 Bonding/Leisure/Sightseeing/Shopping
Sun. 3/18 Bonding/Leisure/Sightseeing/Shopping
Mon. 3/19 Pack to check out next day.
Tues. 3/20 Receive Child's Passport.
Leave Jiangxi
Arrive Guangzhou, Guangdong Province
Stay at Famous White Swan Hotel
Wed. 3/21 Baby's Medical Exam
Thur. 3/22 Visa Interview -US Consulate
Fri. 3/23 Leave Guangdong
Arrive Beijing. Stay at Bao Le Plaza Hotel
Sat. 3/24 Sightseeing in Beijing
Sun. 3/25 Leave Beijing Arrive US Same Day!


thegreybullet said...

Oh Carol,

I am so excited to see your itinerary!! I will be thinking of you on Tuesday. I hope it is a smooth transition for all three of you!! It looks like you get to go to Bejing after all! Have a safe journey and can't wait to hear all about it!


Stephanie said...


I'm so excited for you! It's finally your turn. Have an amazing time in China. Your in good hands with Helen and De.