Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bayi Park
Tai Chi performers
Man playing traditional Chinese Musical Instrument. Another man was signing Opera.

Mommy, Siena & our wonderful guide Alisha.

Today, Siena got to see more of Nanchang. With our guide we headed out to Bayi Park and Youmin Temple. She had a great time while Mommy & Daddy dodged all the people and traffic. Siena loves being on the go. She can't get enough of getting strolled around. The park was quite large. Lots of pavilions and a lake with bridges. Some of the trees were starting to bloom. You can find many people performing Tai Chi here also. We were stopped by several groups of ladies asking about Siena. They were making several comments about how cute she was, how lucky she is and of course the usual....not enough clothing or blankets to cover her up. She was well covered but here in China it is very customary that a child be heavily covered from head to toe with little to no skin exposure. If not you will be scolded by the locals.
Youmin Temple consisted of several courtyards and several buildings. In 2 of the buildings there were giant bronze Buddhas. Within the courtyards were several areas of worship with incense lighting. But no photos were allowed in side the Temple.

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