Saturday, March 17, 2007

Child's Tea Set for Siena's Tea Party--One Day. Green Tinted Vase -Beautiful under light.
Perfume Bottle -Handpainted 100 Children -All Girls & Tiny Chinese Bottle
2 Porcelain animals that Siena got from the Shop keepers just for being Cute!

Well I think that I am a little late on the postings so please forgive me. Yesterday was Porcelain St. shopping. There is one street here in Nanchang, not far from our Jiangxi Hotel, with at least a dozen or so shops of Porcelain wears. You must have them take you up stairs or to the back room for the good stuff. The good stuff is much thinner. They will hold it up to the light for you to see how thin and smooth it is. All hand painted. We bought about 77.00 US dollars worth of things. Did a little bargaining with our guide so I'm not sure how much of a deal we got. But I got all that I wanted. Or at least all that I wanted to carry back on the plane.

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