Saturday, March 17, 2007

Another adventure for Siena today, the Tengwang Pavilion. Despite the colder, rainy day, Siena loved being outside & on the go. She is most happiest on our outings.

The Tengwang Pavilion is probably the oldest landmark here in town. It is huge. Once we reached the top of those steps, yeah I carried her up myself, we went into (thank God) an elevator on the inside for more flights. On the top floor we sat for a short traditional Chinese song & dance. Siena loved it but Daddy had to stand with her in the back since the music was a little too loud on the front row where we were. Several paintings, porcelain tiles & artifacts were in different rooms throughout. Oh yeah, some souvenir shops too. How could I forget. Got trapped at a few of them. One thing we bought was some type of coin or token that we had the lady shop keeper chisel Siena's Chinese name on.

On the way back from Tengwang we told our guide that we would buy her lunch if we could go to a McDonald's. So we headed out in the drizzling rain. I'm not a big McDonald's person but it was the BEST HAMBURGER & FRIES EVER! The McDs was in a shopping street that didn't allow cars. It was nice but getting through the crowds was just as hectic. After lunch we headed over to a shopping market to get Siena some clothes. We didn't get much since she was getting too tired and hungry by then. So we hopped in Mr.Toads Wild Ride and off we went.

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