Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Year of the Rat!

For the past 2 years we attened our local FCC New Years Celebration with no baby intow. Although last year we did have some priceless photos that we were holding on to & so prouding showing to everyone in sight. But this year was Siena's turn to actually prance around the party with all the other children. And that she did. We were happy that Grandma was also able to accompany us to the event since she was visiting. The event was great with wonderful food & of course some of our best friends. The highlight of this event is always the slide show of all the children that have come home through the years. Our little Angel was the opening of the show. It struck me by surprise and so I started crying. Remembering that 1st day we actually layed eyes on her. Those pictures are priceless.
Upon returning home that evening we gave Siena red envelopes filled with Good Luck Money. This was in keeping with one of the many Chinese New Year traditions. One from Mommy & Daddy and one from Grandma. We decided that this would be the start of teaching her how to save money in her Ladybug bank. She happily put the money in the slot of the bank but didn't understand why she couldn't take it back out. Oh well, such a tough lesson we all should remember more often. Our China Doll!
Pre Event Photo (As in before eating & getting all goobered up, as we call it.)Chinese Girls Rock!

Happy Family Photo

A rare "still" moment.

"Wow....I'm rich!"

"Bummer, Mommy said I have to save it for now."

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