Sunday, March 23, 2008

Well, another quiet holiday at the Schaller house. Siena got up about 7:30 and was greeted by what the Easter Bunny had brought for her. It was a fluffy pink bunny holding a bag of marshmallow bunnies and a basket filled with tons of goodies. Crayons, activity books, a music CD, a chocolate bunny, some chocolate eggs, a mini M&M man filled with candy, a puffy chick in an egg, 2 necklaces, a mini stuffed Dalmatian & the new Disney Dalmatian Video.
We had a nice lunch at home with our friends Maribel & Elmo. No ham. Just some steaks on the grill. I also made a great pound cake. I couldn't find my old recipe so I resorted to Food for some help. I found a great recipe from Paula Dean. Just a good old fashion pound cake with 2 sticks of butter. Ummmmmm! Yummy!
Also hid eggs in the front yard for Siena to find. Which she found in no time flat. We had a more formal Easter Egg Hunt last weekend with our FCC group. She found a lot of eggs then too. That event was a lot of fun and Siena was able to get with the other kids.
As I'm writing this it's just after 8:00 pm and Mark is getting Siena to bed. We just finished watching her Dalmatian Video. She was very hesitate to watch something new, as she likes her old standbys of The Wiggles or the Speech Videos, but once she saw what it was all about she really loved it.
Hope you all had a peaceful Easter.

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