Monday, September 25, 2006

The Latest from The CCAA

This is the latest word from the CCAA Website. This was posted today (Mon.9/25/06).
This batch of Referrals has a total of 18 days worth. This really means they only included Aug.8th and not Aug. 9th. Our Log in Date which is the date that our Paper work was logged into their office in Beijing is Sept. 15, 2005. This does mean we are getting closer but to me it seems like a another life time away.
Someone on one of my online supports groups has posted a link to an Adoption Forecast Predictor where you plug in your Log In Date to see when you may expect your Referral. I tried it and according to the Predictions from the past CCAA patterns our Referral will come in on 11-28-06. Of course this is only a prediction from someone else's calculations and not rumors. But a Referral before Christmas sounds good to me. This would be a VERY VERY nice Thanksgiving. We will have a Lot to be Thankful for this year!

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