Friday, September 15, 2006

Our Anniversary of Our Log In Date to China is Today

Hello Everyone!
We are Mark & Carol Schaller and we are adopting our 1st and only daughter, Siena, from China. Please join us on this wonderful journey to get her.
Today marks the 1 year Anniversary of our Log in Date to China so I thought it was fitting to finally start this Blog today. Lots of Love has poured out of our Hearts already for this child even though we have yet to meet her.
Our journey began over a year ago when we finally decided to just jump right in and do an adoption after talking about it for several years. We decided on China and so here we are. So let's fast forward after months of paper work and then again more paper work that had to be updated because of the extended wait. I will begin the news and progress from here. Hold on for a Wild, Wonderful Heartfelt ride on the Silk Road!

Over the past year, what have we been doing to stay busy during the wait? Well we both work of course. I am a part time Medical Sonographer and Mark is an IT Specialist with the Federal Government in D.C.
We travel when we can in between.
Our last trip was Labor Day weekend to Minneapolis. We went to the Mall of America and to the State Fair. Believe it or not I really didn't buy a whole lot for the baby since I'm already shopped out for her. As you will see when I show you all her pretty little things in posts to come. I just need her now to wear all the cute little outfits.
Also in my spare time I have started making little girl's hair bows. I have sold several to friends and I will be selling at Craft Shows this Fall. I really enjoy making them. I've named that business "Angel Pie Bows" in honor of Siena. This is what I sometimes call her. If you are interested in purchasing any please email me and I can send more photos.

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