Sunday, November 12, 2006

Gifts for Siena when she Gets Home

Here are some pictures of the sweet gifts that Siena has received while waiting to come home.

The 1st and foremost important gift to me is the pink comforter & pillow set that was made by my Mother, Joan several years before her death. Momma loved making pretty delicate things and I'm sure she had Siena somewhere in her thoughts as she made these. I know she always wanted a grandchild. I wish Momma was here today to experience the wait & arrival of her granddaughter like most grandparents. I think of you always Momma.

Well then...with that said Siena still has one wonderful grandmother that is still with us today. Mark's Mom, Marilyn. She gave Siena the too cute little pink sweatsuit. Yes, we all know she is an Angel. Can't wait to see here in it.The book is from Aunt Lori, Mark's sister. A must have book for Adoptive children from China. The baby lullaby CDs are from God Mother, Maria. Sweet music to have sweet dreams by. The two little silver boxes are for her 1st tooth and a lock of hair from my sweet Aunt Marthann. Such a thoughtful special gift. And last but not least is the 2006 New Years Barbie from a sweet friend at work, Jessica. We plan to collect them every year.

Thank you all for you loving thoughts in all these treasures! I know Siena will cherish them.

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