Friday, November 03, 2006

Our Mini Trip to West Va.

Hi everyone. Here are some of the pictures from our West Virginia trip. A few are along the way here in Virginia.

The trees here in Virginia are still pretty colorful but the trees in the W.V. mountains were more brown. They had already had some cold snaps & even a little snow.

The covered bridge was just outside of New Market Va. The locals said that is was an original old covered bridge but had been burned by some teenagers a while back so some of it had to be rebuilt.

While in Beckley W.V. we went on the only sight-seeing tour in town; the Expedition Coalmine. It was interesting. We rode a mini coal train into an old mine. Cold, dark and damp. Told a little story of the hard work and little pay of these courageous men. Didn't sound like a lot has changed since the beginning of coal mining. Some of the houses that the coal miners lived in were moved to the tour site as well.

The large expansion bridge was on a major highway just north of Oak Hill, W.V. We had just missed the "Bridge Days". This is an annual event that takes place in October where people parachute off the bridge. We heard that this year was unlucky for some guy. His parachute did not open. But I would not have wanted to see that. The bridge is said to be one of the longest expansion bridges here in the U.S.
Now that we are back home it's waiting time again. We enjoy our little trips since it takes our minds off the wait. But the whole time on the trip we both wished we had our Siena in the back seat of the car with us. Mark always says that "His Daughter" would want to see this & that. I just want to hold her.

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