Sunday, December 03, 2006

Agency Update.....Which I call Torture!

As you can see by my prior post that the last batch of Referrals are just out. We didn't make the cut off. Remember our Log In Date (LID) is 9/15/05. What this would normally mean is that, we Should be in the next batch of Referrals. (Providing they make the next cut off by our LID) BUT......Our Agency's Director called the other day. She talked with Mark, asked if we have been watching the CCAA website. Mark said yes. (Duhhhh) She said that some people with the August group were asked questions while in the review room and were held another month for their Referral. But now all of Aug. has gotten their Referrals. So she said not to freak out if we didn't make the next batch. We may have another month to wait because we were asked a question too while our paper work (Dossier) was in the Review Room.
Don't Freak out? Easy for her to say. I'm going stir crazy. Or actually as my mother would have said.......Oh I better not say that here. Anyway, this is killing me!!!!Christmas is so sad this year. We really thought we would soon have a face to go with our dreams.
Totally out of our hands!!!
But speaking of dreams...Mark & I both have had dreams of what our Siena will look like. Mark had one a while back. He said that he was at the park with her and she had the little pony tail on top of her head like a little cupie doll. I had one the other night and she was fairly young, maybe about 8-10 months old with a very round face with shiny, rosy cheeks. Guess we will have to wait a few more months to see what she really looks like.

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