Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Holidays From Our Home to Yours!

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

We hope everyone is enjoying the season. For us, it's a little quiet this year. Guess you might say we are saving it all up for next year with Siena. But our plans for this year are: Baking cookies this weekend, opening our presents on Christmas Eve ( just Mark & I), working Christmas day (me), & cooking Christmas dinner for us and some sweet friends in our FCC group, Maribel & Elmo. On the 26th my sweet Aunt Betty is coming to visit for the week.
Most importantly we are hoping for that Referral package next week.
No word this week on Referrals. The wait continues. According to the rumors, they could have been here this week or next week. It looks like next week, any time after Christmas. We worry that if they even come from China during that week will they make it to everyone. Most Agencies I hear will be closed for the Holidays. If China is sending them out wouldn't you think that the Agencies receiving them would have some holiday spirit, go into their offices and send them on to the families?
Unfortunately the only thing out of China this month is their "New" set of "Rules" for Adoption Applicants. Most of this information has already been in the national news here. Our Agency has yet to inform us on any of this. I have heard the list of rules and according to when they are supposed to go into affect, May 07, they should not apply to us. But it would be nice to be informed and assured through our Agency. But that is par for the course for them. Even with the changes we could probably adopt again but I'm not sure I could wait on another child for 15 months. But I don't want to get ahead of myself anyway. One will most likely be the beginning & ending number for us.

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