Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snow & Deep Thoughts

It's been over 16 months now since our Log In Date with China, but who's counting? And no, our Referral did not come in this week, 2 weeks after the last batch, like our Agency thought it would.
Going over things in my head for the trip to China since I still have a little bit of a clear head. I know it will be chaos and too much excitement once we get that ever so precious picture of Siena.
Thoughts: (in random order)
-Trying to keep the packing down to a minimum.
-Must get with a good pediatrician before we go and get some antibiotics just in case she might need them. Hopefully not.
-What clothes to take for ourselves and Siena.
-What size and age will she be? The cutest!!!
-What will she look like? Oh yeah.....Gorgeous and precious of course!!!
-What the weather will be like. I keep hearing like Central Florida. Well, I know what that is like. I lived in Orlando for 8 years & my in laws & many dear friends are still there. Hot & muggy.
-Whether or not to send a care package to Siena at the orphanage once we find out where she is. Things like a small blanket, stuffed toy, camera for the nannies to take pictures of her & her life before we get there, & even some small treats for them. There is a lot controversy on whether or not to do this.
-Whether or not we can get any sleep or rest on the flight over. Yeah, like you think this will happen....NOT! We have to travel coach according to our Agency.
-What to buy: Pearls, Jade, Silk outfits for Baby, toys, Tea set, artwork, squeaky shoes, Kite & Chops which are sort of like rubber stamps but on carved stone or wood with Chinese symbols or names in Chinese & any other souvenirs that will fit in the suitcases. Oh yeah, a few gifts for friends & family. I bet you thought I forgot about you. Didn't you?

Well of course my head is racing with much more but I know no one wants to go there right now.
It's snowing today. It's going to be our biggest so far this year. It snowed about an inch last week but didn't stick around all night. These photos were taken around lunch time today and it is supposed to snow all night. Glad I don't have to work tomorrow. I know we are very fortunate to not have the ice storms that are going on in the mid west & Texas. Mark just left for Baltimore for 2 weeks. (Work meetings) He will come home for the weekend in between.

A little extra "Thank you" note today to the many friends & family for their support of this journey with us. Thanks to Danielle & Brian last night for a great home cooked dinner. Another Loving Adopting Family.

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Hope it all goes well.