Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Well we made it through day 2. So much to talk about. But 1st it's all about Siena. She is starting to really warm up to us. We've even gotten several short smiles. Today she was a Mamma's Girl. She follows us with her eyes everywhere now. We have been able to get some meds in her and I know it has helped her chest congestion. And oh yeah....2 big poops. To those coming here soon, this is a big one. Siena didn't go on the 1st day so we were getting worried but she made up for it today. Of course Mommy had diaper duty again. Daddy said he helped by holding his breath. Ha Ha! His day is coming! She still cries a lot I think, but of course we don't have all her needs down yet. She is teaching us, but old dogs are hard to teach.
Today was a big day for all 3 of us. It was the official Adoption Day. We went back to the Adoption Center for the paper work this morning then a few hours later to the Notary. Same silly question asked to every Adoptive Parent. Do we swear to never abandon her. Today was also our 9th Wedding Anniversary. Our treasured Anniversary gift is complete.
The 3 of us decided to venture down the street today for lunch and shopping on foot, now this was a Survival mission all it's own! Nanchang is the capital city of Jiangxi. There must be at least 1/2 the population of China here today on the streets. As probably told on every other Adoptive Blogger's site, it is crazy here in China. The streets are a jungle. There is no and I mean NO rhyme or reason to the flow of traffic. Or flow is not the right word, so let's use tangled web. People cross the street at anytime, at anyplace in any mode of transportation. Whether it's walking, driving, biking, you name it. There are traffic lights but our driver has gone through I don't know how many red lights. People even drive & park on the side walks. We were lucky that we didn't have to cross a street today while walking. We just went out the hotel door and a few blocks down. We had lunch at KFC (with a Chinese flare). Yeah, we thought we were going to try the real Chinese cuisine but it's not likely I will try something that I don't know what is in it. But we tried to be venturous at dinner and ordered off the hotel restaurant menu. I thought I was ordering 7 big steamed shrimp but turned out I must have ordered 70. At least they were recognizable. Mark ordered fried dumplings but a little unsure of the contents. But we ate them and they were fine. Back to the shopping. We went to a dept. store for Siena some regular clothes and a jade pendant for the Year of the Dog. We also went to Walmart. Oh yeah, it's here. But picture a mad moonlight sale in the Middle of December and triple that. We went through it here to get some more baby necessities with our guides. As chaotic as it was Siena loved being pushed in the stroller, that she went to sleep in Walmart. Oh well sorry she missed it, because Mommy doesn't usually do Walmart.
Enjoy the pictures of the day!

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