Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Gotcha Day!!!

Gotcha Day!
We have our Girl! We went to the Jiangxi Adoption Center with our Guides. Siena was the only
baby there. I guess we are the odd ones out because of our timing coming. Any way .....she cried the whole time. I felt like a total stranger and I know she knew it. She is very small. I think smaller than 9 months especially since the onesie I put her in is a 6 mnt. She had the rosiest cheeks. She had 3 layers of clothes with the 2 underneath the yellow jacket the oldest. They were at least clean. She was clean too. Thank goodness. She is so sweet but just scared and I didn't know how to calm her down. I guess my instinct kicked in right away. I knew she was sick. I could tell she was a little congested right away. Then no later than getting back to the hotel room we knew she was full of gas. Poor thing, her tummy was a little bloated. But I guess she relaxed enough with us to get some out. :)Oh yeah. Amazing no dirty diaper! Instincts maybe, but common sense on mixing formula, well that's a whole other story. Wish we had brushed up on that one! My fear came about, she is missing her Foster Mom and seems to be looking around for her. She wouldn't take a bottle even after settling down in the room. I guess her tummy is too bloated still. I laid her down in the crib and she finally settled her self down. She is sleeping nicely now. She is too sweet.
Mark went down to get some food in the hotel. Room service just brought it up. He said he ordered Dim Sum and a beef dish. I'm hungry so I ate it. Good thing I ate it in the dark. I'm not even a big fan of American Chinese much less the real deal. It was hot and good. We are exhausted and I thought it was about 10 pm but Mark said it's only around 7 pm. Enjoy the pictures of our Sleeping Beauty.


Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

She's absolutely wonderful! Congratulations! Instinct will kick in full force soon. I know you feel bad for Siena grieving for her foster mom, but having her grieve right away is good. That means she is working through it. Try to get some rest!

Kimber said...

Carol and Mark,

She is so cute. I cannot wait to see more. Her personality will probably start to emerge in the next few days. Congrats!


thegreybullet said...

What a beauty!! I love the family picture. I am sure she is grieving for her Foster Mom but I am sure she will warm up to you very soon! Just enjoy looking at her she looks like an Angel!