Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tid Bits for the Day

Zaoshang hao! (Good Morning!)
We are up early again today. But not by choice. Our internal clocks are still way off. I got up at 3:30 AM this morning! But did I ever tell ya, that we are exhausted? I don't how we do it but we keep right on going. I think someone must have put Energizer Batteries in our butts before we left home.
If the pictures that you see seem a little hazy that is because it is very hazy, overcast or full of smog here. I can't seem to tell. It feels about like Virginia weather right now. Early Spring, the beginning of Monsoon Season.
I went to the local Grocery store last night to try to get some dinner. It is in the basement of the Dept. Store down the street that we did shopping in the other day. I was trying to find something familiar but it was difficult. I had several sales ladies trying to help me find jelly. Finally found it. So needless to say we had peanut butter & jelly sandwiches made with rolls. Never could find the sliced bread. I also saw the famous ever so smelly and not so tasty Durian Fruit. One sales lady was helping me pick out some penny candy and offered me the Durian candy. I gestured that I knew what it was and said no way so we had a good laugh with that.
I ventured throughout the store a little more. Nothing too strange. I didn't see anything still alive. Most of the meats just looked alike, dark red and I guess already cooked. They did have some jars of baby food. So since I heard that Siena ate apples (not sure how with 2 teeth) I got a jar of apple sauce. When I got back and feed it to her, she liked it and jumped up and down in my lap after each spoonful. Mark tasted it and said it was tart. So I guess she likes tart!
In the park yesterday we were greeted by a lady that said Siena had big ears and it was a sign of good luck. Is this good or bad? Got back to the hotel room last night, got a call from the front desk telling us that they wanted to upgrade us to a 2 room suite. Luck? We don't know why. The new room is much bigger and will hopefully make Siena happy. We need to get out more since she likes staying on the go. Put her in the stroller & she's a happy camper.

Today we are going to the Notary for Siena's Passport. Are they going to ask us for the 3rd time, will we ever abandon her? We are then going to the Porcelain Street.
Lots of shops with Porcelain. Jiangxi has a city south of here that is famous for porcelain. I hope to find a nice small vase to bring home.

Right now Siena is peaceful sitting in her stroller watching cartoons with Daddy. She is still very much a baby. She is 9 months old but wearing size 6 month. She's now allowing me cuddle with her. She is changing everyday. I think she is feeling better. We seem to have combated the chest cold but we worry that she has an ear infection. She is touching her ears a lot. Maybe after this last day of antibiotic it will help. She is still not sitting upright on her own. We have some work to do.
Trying not to spoil her but she is too sweet not to.

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John Paul, Andrea ,Ben and Alyana said...

Congratualtions !
Your daughter is beautiful and it looks like you are enjoying your trip very much !
We returned in January with our little one and she is doing GREAT !
Nice to follow your blog. Thanks for sharing it,