Sunday, April 08, 2007

We would like to wish everyone a Very Happy Easter & to Thank You all for following us along.

"This past week I have been a very busy little girl. But I have had so much fun. I have made so many new friends. On Saturday March 31 we went to the Families with Children From China (FCC) Easter Egg Hunt. They let me be the leader of the Easter Hat Parade & hold the sign.We also got to hunt Easter eggs & play. On Wednesday, Mommy & Daddy took me to this really big shopping place called the Mall. They had this really weird but funny guy called the Easter Bunny. He has big tall ears and a puffy tail. I had my picture taken with him. I was a good little girl and I never cried, but Mommy wanted me to smile so she had to do the Kung Fu Song & Dance in the middle of the Mall to get me to smile. I finally had to smile so she would quit making a fool of herself. Since I was a good little girl Mommy let me have my 1st taste of Ice Cream. It was so good. I wanted more but Mommy said I had plenty with only a few licks. I think she just wanted it all to herself.
Then on Sunday Mommy & Daddy had a cookout luncheon for our good friends Danielle, Brian, Maribel & Elmo. They brought me some really cool presents that I just love.
On Thursday I visited the Hospital that Mommy works at. Everyone just had to hold me & kiss my cheeks. I guess because I am so cute. I don't know. I also saw the Easter Bunny there again. Mommy just had to have my picture taken with him again. I guess because I am so cute. I don't know."

"Today is Easter & I am just playing & relaxing at home with Mommy & Daddy. We are going to have cake & Ice cream for Daddy's Birthday. Hooray! I love Ice cream. I hope Mommy lets me have more this time. Because I am so cute."

Me and the Funny looking Guy!

The gang's all here!

How many eggs do I have so far?

Me with Mommy & Daddy at the Easter Egg Hunt.

Mommy just had to have this picture of me.

I am standing by my new friend Maya. I just love her hat!They let me lead the parade. But I didn't have a hat.

Mommy is holding up the most beautiful white dress from our Good Friends Maribel & Elmo.

Danielle & Brian gave me some cool & hip pink shorts, a top & some pants.

My Good Friend & Neighbor, Danielle is holding me. She was so much fun.Boy was that Ice Cream Good!

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