Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"The gifts just keep coming & it isn't even my Birthday yet."

"I got a zillion outfits from Mommy's friends at work. I know Mommy can't wait to dress me in all of them. Thank you guys for such pretty clothes."

"I can't wait until I am big enough to wear these Ladybug P.J.'s next year!"

"This will be my Princess Dress."

"So many clothes to look even cuter in."

"My Fairy Godmother sent me 2 new books. They have Ladybugs all over them."

"From our Friends Billy & Davin I got a cool tote bag so Mommy can carry all my necessary stuff in."

"I got this real fun Elmo Bubble Machine from Jade & her Mom Dana. Jade is my friend from China. She used to live in Hunan.""My Cousin Mitra sent me this beautiful summer outfit & a fun Butterfly toy."

"My Aunt Traci sent me 2 cool summer outfits & a scrapbook for Mommy to put my pictures in."

"My Aunt Betty sent this cute ladybug outfit and ladybug beanie."

A special thank you to everyone that gave Siena all these great gifts!

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