Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I Went to My Friends House for Dinner!

"Last Sunday we had a fun time at our good friends Ms. Maribel & Mr. Elmo's house. Our good friends Mr. Brian & Ms. Danielle were there too so everyone got to play with me. You know how much I love All the Attention. Well, I sure got it! Since I am the only kid around right now they just to play with me. Ha! Ha! But Mommy said that I had better live it up now since these guys will be bringing home a baby from China too in about a year or so. That's right, they are all getting a baby like me from China. They will go on a big airplane and bring one home to live with them 4-ever & ever. But that will be good too, then I will have some more friends to play with. But anyway.....Mr. Elmo cooked the big people big yummy looking steaks. I had to eat that mooshy stuff from the jar and some of Mommy's homemade veggies. It was good but I will be glad when I get more teeth so I can eat a big people steak. It looked & smelled so good. Mr. Elmo, please cook me one when I get big. Okay?"


Stephanie said...

Siena looks like such a sweet, happy little girl. I enjoy seeing her updates. We finally leave for China next Friday (5/11). Our Gotcha Day will be May 16th.


Carrie said...

Glad to see you guys are settling in great!

Matt and I think Siena looks A LOT like our Audrey! Those Jiangxi Girls really look a like.

What do you think?