Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Mother's Day I'll Never Forget!

Wow!!! I'm really a Mommy now and I can Celebrate! I know I'm a little late posting but we have been so busy. Luckily most of it has been the fun kind of busy.

Mother's Day was the best! We went on a mini vacation to Hershey Park in Pennsylvania. All I wanted was to show Siena a good time and know that she was happy and that would make my Mother's Day complete. Well it was surely complete! She had a great time at Hershey.

We met up with our friends, Dana & Jade. Jade (18 months old) is Dana's daughter that came home from China just before Siena did. Dana and I have been in contact for some time over the Internet since we were with the same Adoption Agency. It was great to finally met them both in person. Jade is a bright & bubbly little girl that, like Siena is wearing her Mom out! At Hershey Park the kids rode several rides. Siena loved them all. I rode most of them with her and Mark rode with her on the big Carousel. I think her favorite was the Big Rig Truck ride. She was sitting up high and could see everything. I know we were at Chocolate World but I really didn't let Seina eat a lot of sugar but she did get to have her 1st chocolate milk, and she loved it like crazy! Daddy played a few games to try to win her a toy but no luck. So finally he got the lady to try to guess Siena's Birth month, and Bingo She Won! She picked out a wiener dog. Imagine that! Siena was born in the year of the Dog. Grandma has a wiener dog too.

While there we also visited a few other surrounding areas. We went to a little town called Boiling Springs. It was a sleepy little town that had a Spring fed duck pond. Of course I had to take pictures everywhere! Can you tell I'm a new Mom?

On our last day of the trip we ventured out to the Amish country. Lots of warm & homey Amish farms in picturesque valleys. We stopped at a shopping village called the Kitchen Kettle for lunch and window shopping.

The whole trip was so relaxing and pleasant. Every where we went people were friendly and especially to Siena. There's never a place that we go that Siena doesn't capture some one's heart. We get the most complements on how sweet and beautiful she is. She is a charmer though. If we are in a restaurant or store she turns to watch all of the people and smiles at them. So how could anyone not say something sweet to her? I think she makes their day too!

I hope every Mother out there had a Very Happy Mother's Day!
I hold in my heart special thoughts to Siena's Mother that made this all possible, her birth mother and the Foster Mom that cared for her in the beginning of her life. I thank them everyday for such a wonderful child and hope they are at peace.
We are so Lucky!
My 1st Mother's Day card and a Spa Gift Certificate from Siena.

Siena meets the Big Kiss!Siena rides the big Carousel with Daddy!

We all had fun!!!

Hooray! Siena wins a prize!

"Sometimes I can sit and just be cute."

Siena rides the Big Rig Convoy with Mommy.We're sitting on top.

Our Good Friends Jade & her Mom Dana.

Miss Jade. Always smiling!!!

"Hi everyone!"

"Mommy keeps putting this silly bow in my hair."

"Who is this guy? I hope he doesn't try to get in this wagon with me."

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thegreybullet said...

Looks like you had a fabulous 1st Mother's Day!! I loved all the pictures. I am glad you were able to have Sienna home to celebrate. Here's to many more years of celebrating!!