Monday, July 23, 2007

Florida Road Trip, Grandma, Doggies, Fairy Godmother, Swimming Pool , More Gifts & Gators Oh My!

Well, we are back. We made the East Coast Road trip. Or at least a good hunk of it and we all survived. We stopped on the way down to break it up for one night in Ga. and stayed just outside Savannah in my old original home town of Pooler. We met up for dinner with my Aunt Martha Ann and cousin Sandra. I don't see anyone from my side of the family much anymore and it was good to see these guys. Siena was a little antsy at dinner but we made it through and they were so happy to see her. Here again the gifts started. Aunt Martha Ann gave Siena a Winnie the Pooh talking book. She loves it. I hear it talking all the time.
Next stop....Grandma's. Yeah, Florida hasn't changed a bit. Still hot and sticky. But luckily Grandma had a nice cool pool just waiting to dive into.
The pool was nice but Siena, still a little uneasy with water, didn't want to stay in too long and clung to me most of the time. We put her in the Whale floaty and still not much change. She just doesn't like the water. Pool or bath tub.
But we had lots of fun with other activities. We played a lot with Grandma's wiener dog, Mandy. Even though Mandy would have rather been napping she obliged Siena on a little jumping and chasing. But Mandy's favorite Siena game was eating all the treats Siena dropped on the floor while dining. What a good little picker upper Mandy was.
We all got to meet Siena's newest little cousin, Giuliana. Another sweet baby girl that's getting spoiled. Maybe next time we visit, Giuliana will be ready to run around and play with Siena. Right now she's still a little peanut in her Mommy's arms.
On Wednesday night Siena was finally able to meet her Fairy Godmother, Maria. Maria is the best Godmother out there. A loving and devoted Mother to her own 3 children. She showered Siena again with more gifts. We went for a nice dinner but unfortunately Siena was a little cranky from lack of naps and a runny nose. Hope the next meeting, which may come this Fall when Maria visits us, will go a lot smoother. Sorry about Ms. Cranky Pants, Maria. She has her moments.
Most of the time we just spent hanging out at Grandmas. We think we got Siena saying "Grandma" which came out to sound more like "Aabba". She still calls out "Aabba" even now, so we tell her that Grandma is at home in Florida with Mandy dog. We also did a little shopping and Grandma bought her a cool pop up book that she is just crazy about. Siena loves books.
The rest of the family that met Siena was Aunt Lori, cousin Ryan, cousin Kyle, Aunt Tracie & Uncle Jim & their doggies and of course Giuliana's Mom, cousin Mitra. Everyone was happy to finally meet our little Princess. Before leaving Florida I couldn't resist stopping at one of the road side tourist shops. I just had to get Siena a Florida Souvenir so I got her a tiny tote bag with Dolphins and "Florida" on it. As you can see from the pictures she wasn't afraid of the rubber gators at all. She is so fearless, except when it comes to water. Wish I knew why.
Our last night on the road we spent the night again to break up the ride. This time we stayed in South Carolina. The next day was still a long ride but Siena did rather well for being strapped in a car seat for such a long ride. Lots of old favorites, like her MP3 player & Care Bear kept her occupied. Thanks again guys, for those great Birthday gifts.

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