Wednesday, July 04, 2007

July 4th- Events of the Day!

Today was a nice, sweet July 4th. Nothing big for us. Just a pleasant day out with our good friends, Maribel & Elmo. We picked them up and went to Ferry Farms for a Colonial 4th family celebration. Ferry Farms is here in Fredericksburg. It is the boyhood home site of George Washington. Today's events included such things as children's crafts to make & take, a Patriot ceremony, games, door prizes, free flags & Colonial dressed actors.
Siena had a good time strolling and walking around & Ms. Maribel was always by her side to make sure she getting plenty of attention. While we were there we also ran into our friends, the Jones family, Russ, Chris & Gracie. They had attended Siena's Birthday party.
After the Ferry Farm event it was time for lunch so we all headed to O'Charlies for a bite to eat. By this time Siena was getting a little cranky. She had only taken a short morning nap before leaving for the day so she wasn't her cheerful self. Needless to say the lunch completed our day. But it was a nice and pleasant day with friends. Isn't that what part of the 4th is all about too?

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