Monday, July 02, 2007

Well, we are still settling down here with Siena and all of her goodies from the Birthday party. She just loves all the toys and looks so cute in the outfits.
I thought I would share some "Fun Facts" about her now that I have the time to think straight for a change. A few are things I should have or may have already mentioned earlier when we all became a happy forever family in China.

  1. The meaning of her Chinese Names: Xiao-Small or Little/ Huai-To Remember or recollect / Feng- Sir name give from the Fengcheng Orphanage of Fengcheng City, Jiangxi.

  2. Siena was born in the Year of the Dog. (2006)

  3. She is a Charmer. She loves for people to talk to her when we are out. She smiles and charms her way into their hearts. We get a ton of sweet comments everywhere we go & have since day one. It's unreal the amount of comments we get. Nowadays she is starting to wave at people across the store to get their attention.

  4. For the longest she hated to take a bath. I would say, only in the past 6 weeks has she started to really be ok with it. Can't really say that for the hair washing part yet.

  5. She hates to get her teeth brushed. Although it is getting a little better these days and I'm sure cutting new teeth all along hasn't made it a lot of fun either.

  6. When she gets excited she tends to stiffen up and clench her teeth and shake with excitement. It's too funny to watch!

  7. She couldn't sit up unassisted when she 1st came to us. But within the 1st few days she was doing just fine. She's so smart!

  8. Siena loves to eat really good foods. She loves all the fruit & veggies that we give her. She pops in sliced cooked carrots, broccoli, sliced cheese, bananas and mandarin oranges like most kids pop in candy.

  9. She loves music and especially TV commercial Jingles. She likes to dance and jump when her favorites come on TV. A favorite is the local grocery store one, Bloom. She's so smart!

  10. She knows where her head is. Ask her, "Siena where is your head?" and she will pat the top her head. She's so smart!

  11. She knows most of her toys. Ask her to get a certain toy and she crawls to pick it up. She's so smart!

  12. If you tell her to kiss her stuffed animals & dolls she will kiss them, pat them a little and say "mmmmmm".

  13. She has a habit of pointing at everything. Do most kids do this? So anyway, when she does I just tell her what the item is, that she is pointing to.

  14. As of June 27th, during her last Pediatrician visit, she weighed 18 lbs & 9 oz. Darn! We can't turn the car seat around yet.! If you didn't already know this, children have to weigh at least 20 lbs. until the car seat can face the front. Her height was 27 1/4".

  15. She is now cruising (walking) holding on to us and the furniture.

  16. Siena has been a good sleeper since day one but sometimes seems to start crying from nightmares.

  17. She loves wild play. She likes to be held upside down and tossed up in the air. But don't worry. We don't get too crazy. I think she will make a great gymnast or acrobat. She's so smart!
  18. She's now giving Mommy & Daddy the best Kisses anyone could hope for!

  19. Oh! By the way. Did I tell you how smart she is?

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