Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Turkey Day & The Latest

Hi Everyone!
Well....I know....Long time "No Write". Right? Well, we have been very busy. I'm always starting new projects then, "you know who", takes up most of my time.
Anyway...It's Thanksgiving Eve and I've settle down for the evening and thought I would share a little of the past weekend.
Siena is just growing like a weed. She is really starting to show signs of growing out of babyhood. She's turning into a little girl. She continues to love her books and music so much I think we should invest in BORDERS or BARNES & NOBLE.
We took in Richmond last Saturday. I wanted to go to the Asian Market & check out some items to put in Siena's Christmas stocking. I wanted to get some Chinese sweet treats. The Chinese are not big on candy or at least not when it comes to exporting it. I managed to find some penny style candy (yeah...I'm that old, penny candy...What's that?) & some cubed jelly sweets, that a lady who shopping, suggested. I also got some cookies.
Before the Asian market we went to dinner at one of our favorite places. No....Sorry it wasn't Chinese. It was Italian. Maggiano's. Siena loved her giant meatball & the bread. We then headed into the mall area at Short Pump. Yeah that's the name of the open air mall....Short Pump. Anyway, like any other mall, it was starting to look a lot like Christmas. Siena got her picture taken with Mr. Christmas Tree himself. She really had a fun time on the mini train. Some man was nice enough to give us 2 free tickets before we could get to the sales booth, so Siena and I had a fun ride through the mall.
Heading into Pottery Barn Kids, Siena was quit taken by the play Kitchen set. I was so happy to see that. Santa has one very much like it in pink, hiding in the garage. My friend, Ellen & I saw them at Costco weeks ago and had to have them for our girls.
It was hard to get Siena out of Pottery Barn Kids. But what kid doesn't like Pottery Barn?
Siena also had gotten a new hair cut earlier that day. She was so good sitting on my lap letting the stylist cut her hair. I love this cut the best. It had grown out a lot so this cut looked so nice since it has been thickening up.
Well, I had been putting it off too long so I finally made the call to get Siena some professional pictures taken. The one photographer I wanted couldn't get pictures back very quickly so I decided to call Sears. On Tuesday we went to get that done. Siena, again was a good girl. She didn't want to sit still the whole time but at least she wasn't Ms. Cranky Pants.
I'll post a few of those pictures later. I really wasn't that happy with them overall but I bought the CD so I could look at them later & try to touch them up with PhotoShop & decide what I wanted to send out for someone else to make prints. I think this was the better deal. So I really wouldn't recommend Sears. Wasn't as professional as I would have liked.

What kind of things is Siena doing these days? Well, she loves to pretend play with her tea set. She likes to serve tea & cake up to Miss Minnie Mouse and friends. I taught her to wink. I show her with one eye & she then winks with both of her eyes at once. But how cute is that?
She's still not really talking right now. She babbles a lot & especially with Mark. Sometimes I think she is saying a few things but I'm not sure.
She continues to love fruit. She'll eat grapes or oranges over a cookie any day. So glad of that. Her favorite veggie is greenbeans. She ate almost a whole can tonight at dinner.
Well...that's about it here on the home front. We are laying low for Thanksgiving. It will be just us 3 here eating chicken & pie. We hope you all have a Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving!

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