Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Up Date on Siena's Progress

I thought I would give you guys an update on Siena's speech therapy since I promised awhile back to do so.

Her speech classes are going well. She is trying to say more things. Still a little defiant if I try to get her say too much. She knows several signs. I have bought several speech & learning DVDs to help. She loves the Leap Frog DVD called "Letter Factory." So I just bought 2 more Leap Frog DVDs last night on Amazon. She knows several colors already & likes to count. She points to each thing & of course Mommy has to say the numbers.

I talked with the public school system today about starting her in a class this Sept. It would be about 2 days a week for a half day. She would be in a class with various delayed children (up to 5) but language is a big part of the class. It is structured much like a preschool setting. I think she will like it. She loves learning. She qualifies for the program since her speech was evaluated to be only at a 12 month level so far. The public school system's classes are free so that's a plus too. But for now the therapist will keep coming to the house once a week.

She has been to the house 3 times & comes tomorrow. Siena likes the interaction, but I have to admit, so far the therapist isn't telling me or having me do that much that I don't already know. The sessions are more of a coaching session for me to help Siena.
I'll give you more information as time goes on.

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Ashley Winters said...

My youngest daughter also has a speech delay. Early Intervention has been working with her now for about a month. I think it's going to take time.