Monday, June 09, 2008

Daddy's Turn!

Our Local FCC held their annual Father Daughter dance last Saturday and Mark wasn't going to let anything stop him from taking his favorite little dancer. Since Mommy's were to stay away, I didn't get to see in person what actually went on, but by the pictures it looked as though they had a great time. Siena played with balloons and danced with her Daddy. What more could she ask for? Those are two of her favorites things to do.

Dance Fever!"That's Right, the price of Balloons has gone up just like everything else. So we have to be careful & not pop them."

"Hope she's not watching, 'cause I just may pop it!

"This is my Good Friend Gracie!"

1 comment:

thegreybullet said...

What adorable pictures!!! It looks like they both had the time of their lives! Nothing more precious than the love between a Daddy and their little girl!!
Love, Ellen