Monday, July 21, 2008

Siena's Big Movie....No, not in one. Not yet anyway:)

What a big girl Siena was today, going to her 1st Movie at the Theater!

Just around the corner from us is a movie theater that has Free, yes Free movies for kids, and anyone else for that matter, on Mondays & Tuesdays in the summer. So Siena's 1st big girl movie was "Firehouse Dog". How fitting for a fan of dogs that was also born in the Year of the Dog?

She was on her best behavior & sat (& stood a little bit) through the whole movie. For just over the 1st half she sat in her seat, then she sat in my lap and then had to stand for the remaining time. But she seemed to truly watch most of it & remained quite quiet too. This movie was not animation by the way. Before going in, I bought the kiddie pack at the concession stand which consisted of a small popcorn, a mini bag of Skittles candy & a small drink. This was her 1st time trying popcorn. She took one piece into her mouth and decided she didn't like it. Wow, it was even buttered popcorn. Siena loves butter. What's up? I'll but those taste buds will change later but she doesn't like a lot of junk food anyway. Hooray for that. She did like the Skittles. Oh well. Can't offer it & not expect them to not like it all the time.

This event was so special today. It was a happy & peaceful time. A true Mommy & Me Day. It made me realize just how fast she's growing up. Being so attentive to something for so long means she moving out of babyhood and into a bright little girl.

I would have taken pictures of this memorable moment, but crazy & forgetful as I am, I managed to leave the camera at home, so you'll have to enjoy some pictures of her here at home instead.

I have to pose for Mommy's pictures again. Imagine that.

I can now catch bubbles on my finger at the Little Gym.

I just love my Minnie Mouse.

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What a lil' doll!! She is too precious!!