Tuesday, July 08, 2008

So Little Time!

Hi everyone. Boy it's been so busy lately. Siena's Birthday party was great. I still need to get the pictures for you I know but I have to get my head straight 1st. We just go back from IA & IL for the French/Schaller family reunion. And, yes we drove it. What a long 2 days of driving. Lots of pictures to post with that too.
As far as the long car ride to the mid west, Siena did great. She was a little cranky going out but we had the Wiggles DVD's to save the day. Coming home was even better, I guess she knew she couldn't go anywhere so she had to sit back and enjoy the ride. There wasn't much to look at but some cows and tons of corn fields. I have never seen so much corn in my life! But it looked really green & lush. I guess because of all the rain they had. We drove by a few places that had gotten flooded but we were safe in the places that we stayed at.

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