Friday, August 22, 2008

School Girl Charm

Well it's finally official. Siena is really going to go to school at the age of 2.

She'll be going 2 days a week for 2 hours each day to help with her speech. But today, I learned that the teacher will also come to the house once a week to check on her progress. Today was Open House at the school so that parents could see the new school & meet the teachers. Siena's class was full of toys so she really didn't want to waste time taking photos. She was in heaven with all the toys in her classroom so I know that she will love it.
The class is very small. Only her & 2 little boys her age. I'm glad of that since it will mean a lot more one on one.
Once she is up to her age level in speech, I think that she will have to be let go from the program. It probably won't be too long either. She's been doing a lot better. She's trying new words and singing. Her singing is very intertaining, not that you can make it out, but intertaining to see her actions & her effort. So cute!!!

The woman in the green blouse is her teacher, Ms. Pam. The other woman is her aid, Ms. Donna.

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