Saturday, November 29, 2008

A trip to Grandma's.

Long time posting I know. But we've been so busy around here.
We went home to FL to see Grandma last week but we were home for Thanksgiving. Siena was a great little passenger on the flight to Orlando. Anyway she got to see her cousin Giulianna, Grandma or Baba as Siena pronounces it & Grandma's dog Mandy along with the rest of the Orlando gang. She couldn't say Mandy dog either, it came out Mad Dog. Too funny. We all got a good laugh at her calling Mad Dog all the time and the two of them playing together. Unfortunately Mad Dog couldn't keep up with Siena. Imagine that!

We had a great time running around seeing some of our friends too. It was so good to hang out with Siena's Godmother, Fairy Godmother, as she prefers to be called, Maria and the man Dan. She greeted Siena with a new Minnie Mouse and Siena couldn't have been happier. Yes, this now makes number 4 of the black nosed critters. We met them at the new Mall in Orlando, Mall of the Millenia, where we were hoping to see Santa for the 1st time this year. And sure enough he was there. He was a nice authentic old Santa man. Siena wanted to finally meet him. We had been telling her all about him and yes I must admit, making a few little threats here & there. Telling her that if she wasn't blue ball from Santa. That's about all we can get out of her that she wants for Christmas. I guess we're lucky, it's bound to get more expensive as the years go on. make a long story short, we got the Santa picture this year via a little trick photography! Hooray! I'll be showing that picture a little later on.
And last but not least I got to see my Lovely Old Girlfriend, Mia & finally meet her new hubby, Vaughn. It was really great to see such warm long time friends. I only wish we lived closer. "Mia you look great & Vaughn is a real keeper. We named the turtle you gave Siena Pokey Joe & he is a favorite that gets to sleep with her every night. Thanks for being my friend, I miss you already."

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