Monday, January 26, 2009

Homework & Preschool Registration

Yes, even the 2 year olds Speech Class has homework. At least it was a fun homework project. Siena's teacher sent home 3 paper plates for us to make a snowman with. Of course we made it a snow girl. What do you think we would do? And of course she had a bow. A blue bow to be exact. Siena's favorite color. How appropriate for this kind of weather. Forecast calls for snow for tomorrow. Hope we can make it to school to turn in our homework.

Today was Preschool registration & it started out to be a little crazy this morning with me over sleeping. But to make a long story short Siena will start Preschool next fall. It wasn't as much as a hassle as I thought it would be to get her into the school that I wanted her to go to, thank goodness. It's a very nice Methodist Church Preschool here in town. I know, we don't go to church & as many of you know, I am Agnostic (Not Atheist). But Mark is Christian so we want Siena to be exposed to the different types of faiths and beliefs so that she can make up her own mind when she chooses. It's hard to believe that, that sweet little baby that we brought home, not even 2 years ago, will soon be going to Preschool.

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