Saturday, February 28, 2009

A New Plan: Siena's Closet

Hi Everyone. I have a new plan. (uhooo, says my husband) But my plan is this. I would like to create a new Blog that would be called "Siena's Closet". In this Blog would be Siena's gently used clothing & toys & even some nice things that I just want to get rid of around the house. Most of her outfits have little to no wear to them and I will only list the best of what she has.

I just don't enjoy Ebay anymore b/c of the cost and the time that it takes to list everything. So I would like to have a Blog that people could just go right to and purchase things from. You would then know where & who they are coming from & without the hassle of bidding. I first want to know if there would be any interest. Just post a note here or email me @ to let me know if your are at least interested in seeing what I have to offer. I know that you may not know if you will purchase or not since you're not sure what I will have, but I just want to see if there would be an interest. You may also know someone else that would be interested so feel free to pass along the site. If you have seen an outfit on Siena in this Blog & are interested in it, you can also let me know & I will tell you if I plan to sell it.

Now here is the big deal about it. All proceeds, & be rest assured that this will be the case, will go to Siena's 529 College Fund.

I'm thinking of posting prices that will include shipping so that you will know exactly what you have to pay up front. I'll most likely prefer Paypal but will take personal checks too. I'm looking at starting this project after Easter.
So please give me your insight. Thanks!

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I wanted to send my sincerest gratitude for your concern during Emily Grace's surgery!! You will never know how much that it meant to me!! Thank you so much!! I think that Siena's Closet is a great idea. Can I just tell you here that I am interested? Hope all else is going well for you!!