Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Strawberry Pickin' We Went....Again!

Saturday was Strawberry Pickin' #2 & Daddy got to go this time.
It was a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine & the berries were even bigger & better. We went to Westmoreland Berry farm this time. It was a nice little drive up into the country about an hour away. It was supposed to be an FCC event but didn't really turn out to be a big get together since people were coming & going at different times. But none the less we got to see a few friends & Siena was able to play with her good friend Gracie on the playground that was there.
When we first got there we got a bite to eat and then we climbed on the wagon to ride out to the berry field. It got a little hot but it didn't take long to fill the basket since the berries were so big. While picking berries we had a yellow ladybug land on my arm. You can see it in the picture. As many of you may know, the Chinese Adoption folklore is, that when you see a ladybug, someone is getting a referral soon. We sure would love to see that happen soon for many of our friends.
Westmoreland was a smaller farm than Belvedere & I liked it better since everything was more convenient. The playground was just right for Siena & it was right beside the farm store, restrooms & goat petting. Also near by was another field with goats. Those goats had access to a wooden bridge that they walked across to get to a feeding station that the visitors sent food up to them at. There was a pulley mechanism to send the food up to them with. They had the goats trained to walk over the bridge so they could get to the food. Pretty neat to see it all done. Siena kept wanting to feed them of course but Daddy ran out of quarters for the food. Well now I can say I road a cow. Yes, Momma got in the cow wagons with Siena. It was a bumpy ride but I made it back fine.
Again, we came home with more strawberries than we knew what to do with so we gave some to our friends Maribel & Elmo.

Every time I look into those beautiful brown eyes, I'm just taken in. The innocence, the playfulness, the joy, the love & so much more. I could just eat her up. I love her soooo so much!

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