Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Our July 4th

It was a beautiful day here for the 4th. We really didn't have any set plans so we just got up & decided to 1st go to the local farmers market. I go there through out the season and love all the flowers & fresh produce. Once there Siena had to have something to eat. "I want somthin' to eat" is one of her favorite broken records. If your not following me....a broken record is when you say the same thing over & over. She has a few of those. Anyway.....she decided on some blueberries. She's been a fan of blueberries forever. This child can put some blueberries away! But that's all good, at least they're not candy.
So we strolled through the market & got a few other goodies & took some colorful pictures. Then it was on to the festival that was going on downtown for the day. There was a craft fair going on in the streets so we strolled through there when it was finally getting pretty hot. We found a cooling off station for Siena to run under. It was a tent set up with water misters. She thought that was pretty cool. We wondered around a little more & decided to go for lunch at a new restaurant in town then back home for naps. We never did venture back out for fireworks though. Siena's not a big fan of loud noises & bangs unless she making them herself. That was our 4th. What did you do?

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