Friday, September 04, 2009

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Finally some cooling off temps are coming our way! What's your plans for the weekend? I think we are taking in the Richmond Zoo tomorrow. We've never been but Mark said that they have one so I think we can handle it now that the temps are much better.
As far as Siena, well she's back to school for her Speech only one day a week for one hour each time. It's at a new school with a new teacher. She seemed to have liked the 1st day so far. It's too weird though, again only boys in her class. A small class with only her & 2 little boys. She doesn't start her new Preschool until Sept.15 so we have an orientation before that on Sept. 10th. She'll be going on Tues. & Thurs.
She continues to love books and doing the work books. We usually do something with them everyday. A few weeks ago she wanted a word search book that she saw at the store so we got it. I wasn't sure if she was old enough for it but turns out she's pretty good at it. Of course it was a Mickey Mouse one so that didn't hurt either being the Biggest Fan of Mickey & Minnie ever! She loves to spell words too. Every time she sees a word on a sign, when we are out somewhere, she wants to spell it. Then she turns her heard to try to spell it without looking. Do we have a future Spelling B Champion on our hands? I think so!
As far as her future plans, she's been telling us that she wants to be an Astronaut when she "gets big" so that she can go to the moon. She loves to look for the moon in the sky all the time.

Hope you all have a Safe & Wonderful Holiday weekend....until next time..."see ya later alligator", as Siena would say!

If looks could kill!

Devious, smart cookie...she is that & more!

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mumma to many said...

She looks like a clever cookie too!
Hope you have a lovely long weekend!
HUgs Ruth in NZ