Thursday, December 31, 2009

This Christmas in Review & Happy New Year Too!

Well 2009 is all coming to a close but a new door is opening. The door to a New Year! Hooray! I'm so ready to start over with a clean slate of things to do...or am I? Not promising what I plan to do since I don't like to make promises I may not keep but I'll promise to try at least. If all comes through on what I plan to do then you'll be able to see my accomplishments if you just follow my blog. Well, enough of that.

Christmas has been rather relaxing around here. For me anyway. Baba (Siena's Grandma/ Mark's Mom) came in on Dec. 22nd but is leaving tomorrow. Siena's been keeping her so busy I'm sure she'll need a vacation when she leaves. Everyday it's been..."Baba, will you pay wiff me?"(Will you play with me?) Poor Baba! But I'm sure they both have enjoyed it.

I had promised Siena, that when Baba arrived we would get into our P.J.'s (or just Siena rather)& go riding around to look at Christmas lights. So a few nights before Christmas we all jumped in the car & rode through our neighborhood & a bigger neighborhood near by. Even I felt like a kid again doing it.
Christmas wouldn't have been complete without baking cookies so I made several batches for gifts & Siena & I made a special batch for Santa. We had our good friends Maribel & Elmo over for Spaghetti on Christmas Eve. We will be going to their house tonight for New Year's Eve. They will have family in from out of town so Siena will have their nephews to play with. Hooray for more playmates for Siena!

Siena managed to get most of what she wanted for Christmas. I was wondering if she was going to get anything at all since she's been a bit naughty this year. But of course Santa pulled through. Her highlight gifts have been her bike, a Leap Frog Scribble & Write, a Leap Frog tag reading system, Kai-Lan Tea set, a Kai-Lan play set, a play cookie set & of course her life size Mickey Mouse to match her Minnie Mouse.

I can't leave without mentioning that we did make it to the Ballet in Richmond back on Dec.21 despite the snow that was still everywhere. We went with our girl friends Sarah & her Mom Ellen & had a wonderful time. We sat in the balcony in our own little section & the girls were able to stand up which is what they wanted to do anyway. The show was wonderful & the girls loved it. It was too funny...Siena kept asking.."When are they going to talk?" I said.."They don't talk, they just dance, they are dancing for you." "But they have mouths." she said. To see the Nutcracker with our daughters at Christmas was Priceless!

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