Saturday, December 05, 2009

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Our 1st Snow of the Season was today! So now we can really say it's looking like Christmas. We've had a pretty mild Fall so far. Winter isn't officially here yet ya know, but now it's really getting cold!
I've been non stop for weeks now. Trying to get ready for the Fredericksburg Candle Light Tour of Historic Homes Gift shop. I'll be selling bows there again this year. It was really fun last year. Siena's had a full schedule with school even. She's been bringing home lots of crafts & they are rehearsing 2 songs in music class for their little Christmas performance coming up. One carol is the 12 Days of Christmas, which she doesn't know all the words to but does the gesture of all the brings her hands up like a tree for "the Partridge in a pear Tree." It's too cute to watch!
The other day was my Birthday & since Daddy was out of town, Siena & I had cupcakes in my honor after school. We had a little friend from school join us too. Curious George. He came home with Siena as a school project. We have to take pictures of all the adventures that he & Siena do this weekend & Mommy gets to write it all down in the journal that the teacher sent along with him. Oh boy..I wasn't prepared for that one.. on top of everything else I have to do. But we'll get through it.
We got the tree put up last weekend & I managed to get all the decorating done in only 2 days. That's pretty good for me these days. But I'm slacking off on the decorating since it's just too much to put up all the stuff I have. I have sooooo much Christmas stuff it's unreal. I promise to NOT go shopping after Christmas for more. I really Do!
I gave Siena an Advent Calendar the other day. We started it on Dec. 1 to count down to Christmas Eve. She loves this idea since it involves chocolate. Each of the little doors open to find a little piece of chocolate. Of course it's the 1st thing she wants to do when she wakes up. I think she's dreaming of chocolate all night.
We took Christmas pictures of Siena ourselves this year. Saved a bundle on that I'm sure. I think we took over 70 shots & I pulled out 2 that I emailed out to Kodak to put on the cards. It was only about 21.00 for 20 photo Christmas cards with envelopes & a few other single prints. Can't beat that for Christmas photos. I'll post the Christmas card up next time.
Friday was a nice day. Siena & I went to a tea at the Pinkadilly Tea House with some friends from preschool & their Moms. Yes, that's the same tea house that she had her birthday party at. It was wonderful again. The food is great! One of the other Mom's planned it but I think with the holidays it was next to impossible to get everyone to attend. But we had a fun time just the same & George was able to come along for an adventure.
I thought Siena was old enough this year to go to the Ballet so I bought tickets to the Nutcracker. We're going with our friends Ellen & her daughter Sarah in a few weeks. I've heard that this particular Ballet group does a great performance geared toward children. The girls should love it since they both are taking dance classes.
Until next time...stay warm!

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mumma to many said...

I does look like Christmas even though we here in NZ are heading into summer!
Hope all goes wel and Miss siena looks so cute!
Hugs Ruth in NZ