Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Easter Treats from Baba!

Easter was spent with Aunt Betty this year at her home in Summerville, S.C. We had a great time! We dyed eggs, went to a beautiful park, had a cookout & even went to church with Aunt Betty. Siena was, of course, the center of attention!
From there we left on Monday morning to my old homestead, Savannah. I had always wanted to go back & see Savannah as a tourist so this time was it. We stayed right in the heart of it all on Bay St. just up from River St. The weather was perfect & all of the azaleas were in bloom.
Savannah had never looked more beautiful! It's really improved with most of the historic homes & landmarks being fully restored. The tourism was like never before! We even did the Trolley tour around town ourselves. While on the Trolley we even saw Forrest Gump standing at one on the old Theaters. It was so cool. The driver asked him if he needed help so Forest hopped on & rode around the corner with us where he jumped off & started running & everyone yelling, "Run Forrest, run!"
I remember some of the old historic homes history but there are so many that I never knew them all. I wish we had had the time to go in some of them but we were pressed for time. We were running everywhere trying to see so much & meet up with old friends & family. I found a new cafe that was great, Back in the Day Cafe & Bakery. It was down aways from the historic District. I had stumbled across it on the Internet before we left home & wanted to try it out. We had lunch there one day & it was sooo good. The bread was so fresh & the baked goods were wonderful! Yeah, Momma has a sweet tooth!
It was so ironic that an old friend of mine from High School had "friended" me on Facebook while we were in town so we hooked up & had dinner with him & his wife on River St. The next day we met my cousins Belinda, Thomas & Cody for lunch at Spanky's (popular local bar & restaurant famous for the best chicken fingers) & then headed back to Forsyth Park for the 2nd time. It's a beautiful park with a landmark water fountain. Siena was gracious enough to let Cody take a picture with her in front of it. Also at the park is a playground that Siena loved. She conned cousin Belinda into pushing her on the swings for the longest.
As beautiful as Savannah is, I still don't think I could ever move back. I've always been the type of person to move on & never move back.

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