Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Busy Summer Fun

We've been keeping very busy this summer so here are a few things that's been on Siena's calendar. Along with swim lessons at the Y this year, which I don't have pictures for yet, Siena's gone to a fun bowling birthday party, joined Soccer Tots & went to Virginia Beach for the 1st time with good friend Sarah. I would have more pictures of the beach but for some reason my camera screwed up most of the shots. (I know I guess it was really me that did it..oh well.)
As for Soccer Tots, Siena absolutley loves it. I love watching them since it's so cute to see them chase the ball & chase each other. But even if I have to say so myself, Siena is a good listener to her coach. Much better than the other kids. Maybe because most of them are boys? LOL! With the 1st few games there was one other girl playing but I didn't see her last time so we will see if it turns out that Siena will be the only one.

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