Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cinderella is in the House!

It's been a Magical time ever since our little friend Sarah's Birthday party last week. Sarah had her 5th birthday party with guest host Cinderella herself. It was a beautiful party with tons of little Princesses filling her castle. Cinderella sang songs, told stories, declared all the little girls Princesses & the little boys Princes. This was the 2nd party that we had been to with Cinderella but Siena was too young to remember the 1st time. This time it really left an impression on her. On the way home from the party she went on & on about Cinderella even though she had never really been into the whole Princess thing. It's always been nothing but Mickey Mouse & the Gang. We told her that we had the movie if she wanted to watch it later that night so that she would understand the whole story of Cinderella. So we watched the movie & she has been in total character ever since. She wants nothing but to wear her blue Cinderella dress & reenact the whole movie. I of course have to play the Wicked Step Mother. She directs me & tells me what to say. I'll tell ya, if she doesn't become an actress or a movie director she'll miss her calling!
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