Saturday, December 04, 2010

Momma Gets a Plate!

I guess I should be thankful I still have them but I'm just not a fan of Birthdays anymore. It only means I'm getting older but we all know the alternative, that you either have them or your time has come so you don't have them. None the less, it was exciting to Siena for me to have a Birthday. She was so excited to get me a present this year. I guess being 4 years old now means she's understanding it all better & wants to be more involved. She & Mark had went to Target the day before to get me something. He had told me that she had a Mickey Mouse plate in mind but when she saw the Princess plate, she said..."That's it! That's the one!" So on the morning of Dec. 3rd she could hardly wait to wake me up to give it to me. Since this was the 1st gift that she has ever picked out without any help & this is what she wanted me to have, it really meant so much to me. I cried when she gave it to me. But Siena being the little Princess that she is, just had to later ask if she could borrow it sometime. LOL! Other than that it was a quiet Birthday yet busy. I had a small craft show to do on Friday night & a bigger one on Sat. morning. We did manage to go out to dinner later that night with our friends Maribel, Elmo & Kevin. Maribel also came by the other day & gave me a beautiful necklace & earring set for my Birthday.
Just wanted to say thanks to Daddy this weekend for helping Siena with her school project. She had to bring home Ribbit (the class not a real one thank goodness) for the weekend. While out & about with him they had to take pictures & write about all their adventures in a journal.
The Best Birthday Gift Momma Has Ever Gotten!!!

Siena & Ribbit meet Santa at the Craft Show.

Siena brings Ribbit to Momma's Birthday Dinner

My Princess!

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