Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aloha~ From Hawaii!!

As I said in my previous post we would be going to Hawaii for a Winter Vacation. It's actually a vacation/ business trip for Mark. But this time around I plan to keep up with my posts while on the whole trip so I can finally add a little more substance to them rather than just pictures. But then again maybe that's about all most people care to check on my blog for are the pictures. Yet keep in mind I'm hoping that one day we will be able to transcribe this Blog into a some type of "Life Book" for Siena. goes. For starters we are here! On the island of Oahu that is. After the long uneventful flight we checked into our hotel near the airport around 10:30 PM last night (Monday night) their time. Needless to say, we have some major jet lag to over come. We managed to crash in our freezing hotel room despite the wonderful slightly cool tropical temps outside. We have no control over our hotel room's air conditioner! Yes I'm freezing! This morning we got up & headed out for the drive-in next door for some reasonably priced food (something that's hard to find in Hawaii). It ended up being pretty good for a drive-in kinda dive & it's probably the best deal around since all the locals were eating there. While waiting for our food at the window, a man dropped some coins but didn't bother to pick them up. Siena saw it & wanted to get them. I didn't care to pick them up either but one of the local lady bus drivers picked them up for her & gave them to her. Later while eating a man that worked there played the claw coin game & won two stuffed animals & gave one to Siena. So already we haven't been here for 24 hours yet & she's charming people left & right.
We didn't have any plans for the day since this is just a pit stop for 2 nights before heading to Maui for 5 nights then back here for the remaining time while Mark works. The aquarium seemed like the best choice for the day so we took the city bus over to the other side of town that felt like days to get to. The aquarium was small but actually really nice with lots of small tanks. One of the curators showed us & allowed us to hold some hermit crabs & touch a small sea urchin. But Siena only wanted me to do all the hands on. She didn't want any part of it. After that we walked down the main street that lined the famous Waikiki Beach, had lunch at Subway & browsed some shops. It was then time to head back to the hotel so we decided to stop the bus & get off at the Ala Moana Mall's food court for dinner. That was our day today in a nutshell! Tomorrow we are off to Maui so I hope to catch up on more posts while there. Aloha!...Oh yeah, the weather is Beautiful! Hope you all are staying warm on the Mainland!
(((Pictures won't be coming until we get back since I don't have a photo program on our netbook.)))

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