Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Back on Oahu

Today we flew back to Oahu. We will be here until Friday night when we leave to go home. So far the weather is beautiful. Maybe a tad cooler especially at night. Maui is a little more south. We are at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. The same place that we stayed at 3 years ago when we where here while Mark went to work. We are even in the same tower with the view as last time. The Rainbow Tower. Supposedly it has the largest mosaic tile work on the side of the building & is recorded in the Geniuses Book of World Records. It goes all the way up the side of the building. Our room is on the 23rd floor so that tells you about how big it is.
We got in today about midday so we just strolled around the hotel grounds & then walked over to a restaurant across the street for dinner. It was the same coffee shop, as they call it, that we frequented a lot last time while here. Here in the Hilton Hawaiian Village...let's just say, "It ain't cheap to eat." There are a lot of shops here around the hotel grounds to keep you window shopping for days. Also there are a few Koi ponds with fish & flamingos. Siena's favorite area was the pond with the turtles & penguins. Just by that pond is also the sweetest dress shop that carried little girl's clothes. I found Siena a cute little dress that I just had to get. It had red flowers on it. Since they weren't blue I wasn't sure if she would want it. But since she is all about wearing dresses these days...just like Cinderella, she had no problem with it. Tomorrow's plans I think will be low key. Mark will have to go into work so I think Siena & I will just take in the beach. Aloha!

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