Sunday, May 08, 2011

Our Mother's Day Outing.

While driving down to Richmond yesterday I was telling Siena all of the things that I love about being a Momma. I had listed a string of things with the last one being "and I love that I am your Momma, when she said, "One more thing...annnnndddd....I Love that you are my Momma." Wow! I am sooooo Blessed!

Yesterday I got to finally sleep in a little. But once I got up Siena was anxious to give me the Mother's Day cards she made & the Gift card that she & daddy had gotten me from Kohl's. We then went off to Richmond to one of our favorite little Italian resturants, Bertucci's. We were lucky that we beat the crowd. We didn't have to wait for a table & the food was yummy as ever.

After lunch we headed over to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. A nice mom from preschool had given us 2 free passes. We had planned on going anyway but the passes sure were a treat. We were supposed to pay for Siena since children 3-12 usually cost to get in but I guess again, she must have looked much younger to the man at the desk as he just took our free passes & just said ok. What luck huh? LOL!

I didn't think that the gardens were really that crowed either for Mother's Day so it wasn't so hard trying to get pictures without everyone being in them. It was a perfect day. The weather was on our side. It was a beautiful garden with even a children's garden that Siena loved. Next time we need to go back so that she can wear her bathing suit & play in the water sprinklers more.
Just a warning: The slide show is long. There were so many photo opportunities & with Siena cooperating I took advantage of it all.

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These are the cards & picture that Siena made me from Preschool.

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