Friday, August 26, 2011

1st Day of Kindergarten

Siena was so excited to start school yesterday. She acted very proud to be going as a matter of fact. She's such a big girl & so smart. I know...I say that all the time but she really is smart. She told me again last night, just out of the blue, that she really really loves books more than anything. She was also excited to ride the bus & has been wanting to for a long time. All went well with riding the bus to school but then when she was to come home, she didn't get off. We were in a little panic mode but at least she was safe & it all worked out.

I wasn't standing right in front of the bus when the bus pulled up but was just down from it & saw all of the kids but her come off. I couldn't see if she was still on it or not. A neighbor that was down the street from me ran after the bus & jumped on to look for her but said she didn't see her.

So I then drove up to the school. (No more than a mile away) The Principal & staff jumped into action right away trying to get the bus driver on the radio. He then pulled up to the school & told me that she was talking & didn't get off. So when he saw her, he took her back to her stop. I let him know right away that I wasn't too happy. Besides, she's only 5 & this was her 1st time ever on a bus. Right?Well, when he brought her back, the same neighbor, saw her then & brought her home to Mark. Yeah...what a day! But we had a long talk about getting off when you're supposed after that.

Regardless of all that ordeal, Siena seems to love school. From what she tells me so far it doesn't sound like much is going on right now in class. She's brought home a colored page & her hand stamped on a page with a poem. I just hope they get going with something more challenging soon.

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