Monday, August 22, 2011

Ending Summer with a Count Down to Kindergarten

We finally made it to the beach this year. Not too far though. Only Virginia Beach, but a beach just the same. This time with my new metal detector in hand. Yes, I bought a metal detector a few weeks ago & had yet to really try it out. Siena & I tried it in the yard once but no treasures there so the beach was the next stop. It was the 1st thing we did when we hit the beach but no treasure there either. We only found a pull top & a hair clip.
We stayed for only 2 nights so the next day I went out by myself & tried again but still nothing.
We also went for a bike ride on the beach. We rented a family bike & rode down the boardwalk on our second morning. Sure glad we only rented it for one hour. That was enough for us 2 out of shape folks.
I think the swim lessons came in handy for Siena this time even if it was just to get her more relaxed with getting wet & playing around the water. She actually had a fun time in the ocean water. She laid down in the surf & walked out a ways trying to jump the waves. On our last morning I took her out early to try to get some good pictures of her on the beach. I don't claim to be a great photographer but at least I have a great subject to capture.

I have mixed emotions of Siena going off to school. I still think of her as my little baby girl that I just brought home from China. So tiny & frail. But I know that was 1623 days ago today. Hard to believe, right? But she's excited & I know that's a good sign. She loves learning! I actually heard her the other day talking with one of her friends- "Kyla, what kind of things do you like? Kyla replied with her list, then Siena rolled off her list & the 1st thing was "Books". That sure made me feel good.

Today was Orientation which was a little more paper work for me & meet the Teacher. Her teacher seems really nice. It was hard for me to say what I had to say so I had to let the teacher know in a nice way that I just didn't want her to get bored with school because she probably already knew what they might be going over. I told her that, just recently Siena has been introduced to multiplication & seems to understand the concept of it. Their SOL testing will be given in October to see where it puts them so I hope we can get in a lot more skills before then. But in the meantime she'll be getting on that bus this Wednesday for the 1st time & I'll try to stay composed. Wish me luck. ;)

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