Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mad Dash to the Consignment Sale

Like I do every Spring & Fall, I put Siena's grown out clothes & toys in a kids Consignment sale. The biggest one that I usually deal with is at a big church here. The consignors get to go on the 1st night before everyone else so the picking is usually pretty good. Although this time the items didn't seem as nice as last Spring. Since I'm so picky with her clothes as far as the styles, I didn't find too much other than a few basics. But as always I think I still did pretty good for getting all that I got for only 20.00. Yes, everything in all of the pictures was only 20.00.

After getting home & some closer inspections, the only issues were with the blue snow jacket & the toy tractor. The jacket had a few teeth missing on the zipper but it still zips up fine. I knew of the 2 tiny ink spots but you can hardly see them. But ya know...for only 25 cents, yes 25 cents for a kids snow coat, who cares? The toy tractor was missing it's steering wheel but that's okay...I was going to sell it anyway. Maybe I can get back the 1.50.

The Monkey game was perfect, so she'll get that for Christmas along with some of the books. Almost all of the books were in perfect condition too. I hardly ever pay full price for a book these days. I'm always picking them up at yard sales & thrift shops. The burgundy thick top was Land's End & looks like new. Nothing fancy but it'll be nice & warm this winter. What she'll probably love the most is the Disney Princess makeup box. I think it was only 50 cents.

This afternoon we had to pickup our items that didn't sale unless we just wanted to donate them. But I choose to get back what didn't sale. I got back 2 grocery bags of clothes and a few toys. So it looked like I had sold a good bit of her clothes. I had put a lot in. I didn't have too many toys to sale this time. It will be a week or two then I'll know how much I made when I get the check in the mail.

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