Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Extra....Extra....Read All About It!

Well, it's official. Siena is now an official school girl with all the extra curricular activities that come with it. She's now a Daisy with the Girl Scouts & takes piano lessons one day a week. Both of which she loves.

 Her 1st Daisy Meeting
Earning her 1st Pin

So far for the Daises, we had a few meetings at the Troop leaders house, a little party for Juliette Lowe at the park & gone to the Firehouse, which we were late to, but oh well. The troop is very small & makes it a great little group. Only 2 other girls from Siena's old Preschool. Although one other little girl has joined but we've only seen her once. The troop leader is one of the girl's moms & she is doing a great job at keeping fun events going. We have so many activities lined up. I just don't know if we can get to all of the them though.

Piano is something that Siena had told me a long time ago that she wanted to do. I asked her if she really wanted to take the lessons & explained the need for constant practice & she still wanted to give it a go. We love her teacher & she has a one on one with her once a week. After only a few lessons the teacher seems to be very impressed. So far Siena has been practicing everyday except for the few days that she was pretty sick awhile back.
Siena & her Piano Teacher

School is going really well. She loves school & hated missing it when she was sick. I'm still not too impressed with what she's learning since so much of it is remedial for her. So today I had a parent-teacher conference to see what we could do to move her along a little more. She had scored really high on her PALS testing. PALS by the way, stands for Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening. Her teacher informed me of some plans for moving her forward & possibly putting her in a group with another class that would be more advanced for her reading skills. I also told her teacher about her math skills so I hope this can be addressed too. Some of her teacher's plans are to get some of the parents involved & working in the class so that the she can work with different groups on their own levels. So with all that said, I guess I have my work cut out.
 A school project- Create a favorite book character using a pumpkin. We used a different type of gourd & made Biscuit the dog. It was proudly displayed in the school library.

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