Friday, February 24, 2012

Snow Day

We finally had a good snow last weekend. Thank goodness Monday was a Holiday for the kids since I'm sure they would have had to make it up sooner or later for the snow that fell on Sunday night. Our weather here in Virginia has been so crazy. Just before this, we thought we were done with winter. My crocus are coming up in the front yard & the trees have buds all over them. Just yesterday, I even heard the birds scrambling around in my front door wreath trying to scope out a bird nest plot.

We got out early to enjoy the snow & it was a good thing we did. It turned so warm that it had almost all melted away by the middle of the day. With this weather I didn't think Siena was ever going to get to wear any of her heavy clothes. The blue snow coat she's wearing was one that I got last year at a Mother's Mart for only .25. Yes....a quarter. So at least I've now gotten my quarter's worth. ;)
Moving's Girl Scout Cookie time. I just got all the cookies from the scout leader & we're all set to sell cookies in front of a store in town tomorrow. Hope the girls can tolerate the cold weather that's back again for the 2 hours. Guess we'll just have to bribe them with....well,cookies, of course.

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