Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy 5th Gotcha Day!

Hard to believe that it's been 5 years. I remember that day in China so well. At least for the most part. I was so exhausted then, that some of it is a blur. I remember holding Siena for the 1st time. She was so tiny & all bundled inside that big yellow suit. I was afraid she was going to slide right out. She was sick with congestion & was coughing. Her cheeks for rosy red. She was so afraid & in one sense so was I. What was I going to do with this tiny little baby? But I knew in my heart, that of course it was all so right!
She's all grown up now as a big 5 year old Kindergartner. Well, she's still tiny for her age but just as beautiful as the 1st day we laid eyes on her. Our baby girl is our World!
Tomorrow will mark 2 more wonderful events. Mine & Mark's 14th Wedding Anniversary & the Official Adoption Day. Since Mark's out of town this week we have plans for some family fun this coming weekend. For now, Siena & I are going to the park tomorrow to play & fly a kite.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Forever Day!! Hard to believe five years have flown by already. Siena is so beautiful and has flourished in the love of her Mommy and Daddy!! China did well matching Mark and you with precious Siena! Enjoy your celebration!!!